HMNG BRDS Huh Ming Birds Custom Symbols Tote Bag



We had fun designing this classic and functional Huh Ming Birds Custom Symbols Tote Bag since one side is the band name and symbols side and the other side has a bonus picture!  We wanted to put the name with the faces of the band which is great since you can choose the side of the Tote bag you want to show at that time.  The picture is from our wonderful gig at the Gladstone’s Malibu Restaurant we love!  Bring your items you need to have with you in this fun and classic tote.  Have fun toting around your HMNG BRDS Custom Symbols Tote Bag and keep your belongings safe from rolling out of your hands!  The bag goes with everything since it’s a nice off white with black accents and the fun colors in the design really bring it all together.  It is a sustainable and environmentally friendly choice to carry instead of other options which feels good too!


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