HMNG BRDS Disco Ball Speaker Pet Bluetooth



We absolutely love our HMNG BRDS Disco Ball Speaker Pet Bluetooth since it is a perfect pet to play music from!  When Hill designed it she was thrilled to find the tiny disco ball at the top of this which when turned on has different colors changing from red to blue to green.  Bring it to your friend’s house or to a party to play the music from your phone or device, anything that has bluetooth capabilities.  We brought this on my college alumni trip and it really helped with our jet lag and to keep our spirits up and going!  The tiny HMNG BRDS Logo and symbols are a tiny treat to see on this adorable speaker pet which is a great gift for yourself or a friend or family member.  Creating music is such a gift and we love to make songs to get us through our lives.  Enjoy dancing and singing with your HMNG BRDS Disco Ball Speaker Pet Bluetooth!  It’s a long name, but you can give it your own nickname once you have one!  Dance on!  Dimensions are : 3″ X 3″ X 4 1/2 ”

It is Rechargeable, and has 3 hours of play time.  It takes 2 hours to charge completely.  Bring it along and turn on the fun flashing lights to add to any get together or just at home enjoying your music!


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