Sahara Says Shimmy

Here are some fun videos and photos of me dancing! Enjoy!

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This was a surprise bellydance performance I decided to do after I ended my work shift as a Salesperson at Karl Lagerfeld Paris at the Citadel Outlets in Los Angeles where I work part time. The World’s Biggest Boom Box was there and IHeart Radio was playing music and it had been up less than a week and I was THRILLED! I was also injured (my right big toe was terribly stubbed a week prior, but this dance floor is padded and it was not bad!) I did not know what songs would play, but it was like IHeartRadio knew what songs would work for an impromtu Bellydancer. So….Sahara, me, shimmied over there! The crowd was both pleased and a bit confused but as quickly as I arrived I then exited and it just felt so wonderful to dance! Until next time!


Hi Barbies!! Hi Kens!! Let’s Dance the Night together oooh I love this song, and it’s fun to sing too! Sahara sings too! I love my pink slippers and coin scarves! Hi Bellydancer Barbies! #saharasaysshimmy #bellydancer #hillarygrace #actormodelsingerdancer #choreographers #lovetodance #bellydancecostumes #dualipadancethenight #barbiemovie

♬ Barbie Girl – Vynx Dance

I love my fan veils! This is the first time using them to dance and I had so much fun! Lately life’s been Coco Bananas, so let’s dance! Sahara Says Shimmy! #saharasaysshimmy #bellydancer #hillarygrace #actormodelsingerdancer #danceteachers #choreographers #lovetodance #bellydancecostumes #cocobanana #alexandrastan

♬ Coco Banana – Alexandra Stan