HMNG BRDS Microraptor Men’s Long Sleeve Shirt – Black / Iridescent Blue



The Microraptor Men’s Longsleeve Shirt is a favorite design of Hill’s since she designed it to go with or match the Microraptor Jumpsuit in Black as well.  You can wear it with your favorite jeans, sweatpants or pair it with the matching Jumpsuit pieces in our Women’s collection if you like.  Mike is soon to design some Men’s Jumpsuits so stay tuned!  Until then, enjoy this versatile long sleeve shirt that keeps you warm in cool weather and protected from the elements in the warm weather!  Wear it to dress up or a more casual look, even wear it to the pool, on a boat or to the gym if you like!  Microraptor is a song we will release soon and there is an actual dinosaur, Microraptor featured on the sleeve of the shirt and the band logo and Microraptor song name are camouflaged into the shirt in a cool way with an electric blue.  There are also iridescent blue within the unique texture of this shirt design as well that really is eye catching.  Mike is wearing size Large and it was fun to see him pose and wear this shirt that really is a great piece to add to any wardrobe!


XS, S, M, L, XL+$2.00, 2XL+$4.00, 3XL+$6.00, 4XL+$8.00, 5XL+$10.00


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