American Death Truck Women’s Wolvesbane Bodycon Longsleeve Dress


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The ADT Wolvesbane Bodycon Longsleeve Dress is designed by Mike and his amazing ways.  We loved the album cover design so much that we had fun arranging it on this form fitting dress that is like walking art.  Wear it and dance to our song Wolvesbane, wear it on a date, or wear it to the dog park and be careful!  Ha ha, but really you can wear it with heels and a pashmina or wear it over the HMNG BRDS Blue Ink leggings or tights and some chunky boots to switch it up.  Wear it however you like and if you hear howling, it means you look great!  We love this custom ADT Wolvebane dress that is like an artistic collage that is super flattering to wear.


XS, S, M, L, XL+$2.00, 2XL+$4.00, 3XL+$6.00


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