HMNG BRDS Men’s Blue Ink Shorts



The HMNG BRDS Men’s Blue Ink Shorts are so unique and iconic and so much fun to wear.  Designed by Hill and Mike this collaboration came out so cool with the Palm Trees featured in a way that is so much fun, they also are inside the pockets too, an added unique detail you will love.  Wear them to the beach, or around town or to lunch or the gym.  Enjoy the California good vibrations that come from these cool and comfortable shorts.  The colors are calming and fun.

Pair them with the HMNG BRDS Men’s Blue Ink Shirt in Black or White, designed by Mike.  Wear them however you like and have fun in your stylish and custom shorts!


XS, S, M, L, XL+$2.00, 2XL+$4.00, 3XL+$6.00, 4XL+$8.00, 5XL+$10.00


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