HMNG BRDS Gone ‘N’ Golden Dress



This HMNG BRDS Gone ‘N’ Golden Dress has a style of it’s own thanks to the album art design by Mike for our song, Gone ‘N’ Golden.  When Hill put it onto this mock turtleneck dress it became a unique and decadent one of a kind dress!  The soft velour fabric of the dress makes it even more luxurious.  The gold characters throughout the design are fun to find and the black and different golden colors really make this dress an instant chic classic.  Since Hill always gets a chill, she designed the matching Gone ‘N’ Golden leggings to go with the dress.  Check them out to complete the outfit and fear not when a gust of wind comes your way since the leggings keep you covered and warm and have a fun and unique design made especially to compliment the dress.  There are also the GNG Bikinis too!  You can wear the GNG Leggings with a GNG Bikini Top to the beach in the day and wear the GNG Dress at night!  The GNG Dress looks great with a blazer and boots or heels or flats!  It looks great on it’s own and also really looks amazing on the dance floor too!  Hill modeled the GNG Dress and Leggings on a recent yacht ride and it kept her warm and stylish for Mike’s special Birthday Celebration.  Mike wore his HMNG BRDS Can You Hear Me Now Windbreaker Jacket that looked great along with the GNG Dress!  Enjoy the Gone ‘N’ Golden Dress and feel like royalty and a Rock Star at the same time!  Machine washable in cold.


XS, S, M, L, XL+$2.00, 2XL+$4.00, 3XL+$6.00, 4XL+$8.00, 5XL+$10.00


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