HMNG BRDS G’N’G Body Pillow – White


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The HMNG BRDS G’N’G Body Pillow is a fun and unique custom design fit for royalty!  Rest your head and have sweet dreams in style with this design by Hill and Mike.  Mike’s design for the album art of our song Gone ‘N’ Golden was the inspiration for this artwork which was taken from the graphics of the album art Mike designed.  Hill’s eye for Interior Design and love of pillows helped this come together so perfectly.  Enjoy the fun and vibrant colors to add some style to your room.  It can easily fit any standard size body pillow. It measures : 21″ X 60″ and is 100% Polyester and has a silky feel to it you will love.

Nap happy with this fun body pillowcase!

Dimensions 60 × 20 in


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