HMNG BRDS Custom Symbols Pom Beanie



We had to design a pom beanie for a few reasons, because of the weather, and that Hill was a former Pom Pom Dance Team member and CoCaptain so there is a love of the pom pom for many years.  Hill designed the HMNG BRDS Custom Symbols Pom Beanie to be subtle and chic so the small HMNG BRDS logo is above the symbols, heart, hummingbird, star and musical notes.   The fun accent colors make it easy to match with any outfit.  Wear the logo on the front, side or back it’s up to you!  We love it matched with our HMNG BRDS Custom Symbols Zen Hoodie or the HMNG BRDS Password T shirt too.  Match it with your tracksuit or with your favorite sweater since it’s getting chilly in the morning and the night.  It’s always great to have this functional and versatile hat for the ride, we love this pom beanie!


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